Education to take charge & plan for your retirement

Information abounds today but information is not the same as education. Knowing where to turn is very important. The Retirement Smart course cuts through the fog of information and bad advice to provide a clear path as you plan for and live through retirement. The course will equip you to take charge of your retirement future by giving participants the tools and insights to make informed decisions. You will learn how to optimize your retirement income, reduce taxes, position investments to meet your needs, make informed choices regarding Social Security and Medicare as well as practical and cost effective estate planning strategies. In this course we will address the current state of the economy and the stock market. Regardless of the current economic scenario we will help you to hold unto principles that last and eliminate the fears that retirement can generate.

There are no “one size fits all” solutions. There are steps to take before and after retirement that will help you enter and exit your retirement years with confidence and dignity. This class will discuss the myriad of investment products available including “what to avoid” and “what to look for” when investing. You will receive practical education and real life insights to equip you in planning for and living out a more secure and fulfilling retirement future. The Retirement Smart Course is for adults who are serious about taking charge of their retirement.


Next class starts September 26 at La Salle University