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Welcome to
The Estate Planners Group


David Loesser, CFPTM, President
I began the company with the thought that if retirees and pre-retirees were going to be successful in retirement they needed an advocate, someone that was completely unbiased, someone they could trust. Having worked at Prudential in the late 90’s I found that often times larger financial institutions were more interested in pushing their own products rather then objectively helping investors. Investors needed an “unbiased independent approach”. I believe we offer that. Over the last two decades I have added skilled and experienced staff to our team. As you will see in our bio’s we have formal academic financial training and decades of world experience.

While no company can be perfect in all they do…Over the last two decades we are happy to call clients our friends. We believe it is only in the context of a trusted relationship that a basis for success can be achieved.

Education to take charge & plan for your retirement

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Our next class starts January 23 at Hodges University

Information abounds today but information is not the same as education. Knowing where to turn is very important. The Retirement Smart course cuts through the fog of information and bad advice to provide a clear path as you plan for and live through retirement. The course will equip you to take charge of your retirement future by giving participants the tools and insights to make informed decisions. You will learn how to optimize your retirement income, reduce taxes, position investments to meet your needs, make informed choices regarding Social Security and Medicare as well as practical and cost effective estate planning strategies. In this course we will address the current state of the economy and the stock market. Regardless of the current economic scenario we will help you to hold unto principles that last and eliminate the fears that retirement can generate.

There are no “one size fits all” solutions. There are steps to take before and after retirement that will help you enter and exit your retirement years with confidence and dignity. This class will discuss the myriad of investment products available including “what to avoid” and “what to look for” when investing. You will receive practical education and real life insights to equip you in planning for and living out a more secure and fulfilling retirement future. The Retirement Smart course is for adults who are serious about taking charge of their retirement.

our services

thumb1Estate Planning

“10,000 Baby Boomers will retire each day for the next 19 years.”  The demands and needs of retirees will surpass virtually every other need expressed by people.

thumb2Tax Planning

We advise you on:
• Retirement tax savings strategies
• Tax filing vs. Tax planning
• Tax advantaged investments

thumb3Income Planning

Will your retirement money endure?

page1_img6 Investing / Asset Allocation

• Separately managed accounts
• Alternative Investments (Hedge Fund & Private Equity Options)

thumb4401k – Investment Selection

The best plan for your 401k dollars.

thumb5Legal Services

Legal Services through 3rd party affiliates includes:

• Wills
• Trusts
• Estate Planning
• Taxes

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