Our Approach

How do people typically view preparing for retirement? They think “How much money have I saved and how long will it last”? That’s it. Retirees and pre-retirees are concerned and this expresses their need. In order to meet this need you need to think more comprehensively. We use a comprehensive approach that considers “The 5 key areas of a Clients Financial Life”. These areas are interconnected and all financial planning must integrate/coordinate them together to avoid unpleasant financial consequences to retirees and their heirs. The sad truth is that the average client and financial adviser rarely coordinate the 5 areas. All of our planning coordinates The 5 areas. They are Income, Risk management, Taxes, Legal and Investments. Most people simply focus on what to put into a portfolio. While important, it should be the last consideration in planning. What goes into a portfolio comes as a result of decisions made in the other areas. For example, have you asked the right questions regarding your income? How do you receive it, when do you receive it, what type of income is it and what account(s) does it come from? Is it guaranteed? Is it cost of living adjusted? Tell me about your lifetime plan for income? These are some of the questions on income. Secondly, the questions need to be thought of in relationship to the other areas. For Example, here are a few questions on the interrelationship with income and other areas. What is the impact of income on your tax situation? Should you be using IRA money or previously taxed money? What type of dividends are you receiving? What type of money should you leave to your heirs or charities? These many questions and answers impact your decisions on investing, taxes and all of the other areas. When integrated you will be able to develop and implement an effective “Financial Life Plan”.

While most professionals and investors never integrate/coordinate their key financial areas’s, we work with you to coordinate financial area’s to develop your “Financial Life Plan”.



Education to take charge & plan for your retirement.

There are no “one size fits all” solutions. There are steps to take before and after retirement that will help you enter and exit your retirement years with confidence and dignity. Retirement Smart is a class where we will discuss the myriad of investment products available including “what to avoid” and “what to look for” when investing. You will receive practical education and real life insights to equip you in planning for and living out a more secure and fulfilling retirement future. The Retirement Smart Course is for adults who are serious about taking charge of their retirement.